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Food Equipment and Supplies Magazine recently sent out an E-Newsletter featuring the Trapzilla line of products.  Take a moment to check out the articles below and stop by the Trapzilla website to see the award-winning animated short-film.

Trapzilla Family
Foodservice operators have more options than ever when buying and installing grease interceptors, but that wasn’t always the case. The choices were few and certainly not optimal — either deal with the maintenance issues  involving a smaller, internal unit or find the space and invest in a large exterior concrete tank. A necessary inconvenience, some operators thought. >>>

Trapzilla Case Study: RA Sushi Bar, San Diego

Trapzilla Sushi
It was a typical Sunday for San Diego’s RA Sushi Bar, part of a chain of 25 restaurants owned by Miami-based Benihana. Until it wasn’t. Until it became an emergency for the restaurant, on the ground level of a historic building in the heart of the city. Until a catastrophic failure of the eatery’s steel grease trap. Until the failure caused major backups in the basement. >>>

What Makes Trapzilla Unique? 

Trapzilla Pumping
Foodservice operators that want to provide more healthful menus and environmentally friendly options continue to evolve, not only in the ways they prepare food but also in the manner in which they handle waste. But the way operators handle fat, oil and grease waste has long been overlooked. Until now. >>>

State of the Art Grease Interception in Action!

Trapzilla Fight
As its name implies, Thermaco’s Trapzilla has a monstrously big appetite for grease! But don’t take our word for it.

Take a moment to view a new animated film produced by award-winning Out of Our Minds Studios of Winston-Salem, N.C., and view first-hand how the Trapzilla grease interceptor grease-busting superhero saves a city from the dirty, slippery villain.

Just click on Trapzilla to the Rescue to see why restaurants and full-service kitchens rely on Trapzilla’s patented, space-saving design to efficiently separate and retain high volumes of grease

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