Thermaco, Inc. is regarded as the leading separation technology company in the highly specialized field of oil and grease extraction from wastewater.

Our reputation for developing quality removal systems was established when the first line of Big Dipper® products became recognized for their exceptional reliability, effectiveness and flexibility in a variety of applications.

As wastewater regulations grow more stringent and population growth places more demands on aging infrastructure, effective pretreatment is more important than ever.

Thermaco’s success is based on a commitment to four principles:

Product Innovation

Thermaco’s initial Big Dipper systems were recognized for their innovations in operation, their durable, space saving construction, and flexibility in a wide variety of installation scenarios. The company has continued to improve on the product, introducing new features and improving the design based on feedback from customers.

Below is a video which displays the dedication Thermaco has to developing new solutions for its customers.  In it you will see Thermaco testing the efficiency of it's TZ-1826 grease interceptor which set new industry records for separation efficiency and retention per volume.

Product Reliability

Traditional concrete grease traps corrode and degrade over time, eventually failing and requiring replacement. In its Big Dipper and Trapzilla lines, Thermaco has chosen materials that resist corrosion and reduce the forces (such as H2S build-up) that attack traditional traps. More than 95 percent of all Big Dipper systems were still in operation two decades after the first one was introduced to the market.

Customer satisfaction

At Thermaco we understand you don’t want a product, you want results. That’s why we pride ourselves on customer service. We have an international network of dealers and certified service agents, as well as an online parts store where customers can find parts and accessories 24 hours a day.

We also make our engineers and other staff available to consult on specific installation challenges, local code compliance and other obstacles. We value our relationship with our customers and our role in helping to keep your local wastewater system functioning well and your food service establishment in compliance. 

Great employees

At Thermaco, we are about more than just great brands.  Our people create the kind of environment where these other principles are possible.  If you are interested in learning more about current opportunities at Thermaco, please visit our Careers page.