Trapzilla Manuals for Grease Interceptors and Solids Separators.


The following manuals will provide information regarding, models and options, plumbing installation, above-ground installation, in-ground installation, hanging installation, unit maintenance, and limited warranty & remedy.


For TZ-160, TZ-400, and TZ-600 models, use this manual (MNL-TZ).
TZ-160, TZ-400, and TZ-600 manuals

For TZ-525 models, use this manual (MNL-TZ-525).

For TZ-1826 models, use this manual (MNL-TZ-1826).
TZ-1826 manual

For TSS-27, TSS-70, and TSS-95 models, use this manual (MNL-TSS).

TSS-27, TSS-70, and TSS-95 manual
For an overview of best practices to vent and install a Trapzilla Grease Interceptor, view this guide. This guide covers: the vessel vent, the outlet vent, flow controls and venting, and a few other factors. Always refer to the manual for more installation options and detailed instructions.
Trapzilla grease interceptors and solid separatorshave traffic rated drawings which allow for traffic rated installations.   
For TZ-1826 drawings, click here
For TZ-400 and TZ-600 drawings, click here.
For TSS-70 and TSS-95 drawings, click here.