Trapzilla Manuals for Grease Interceptors and Solids Separators.


The following manuals will provide information regarding, models and options, plumbing installation, above-ground installation, in-ground installation, hanging installation, unit maintenance, and limited warranty & remedy.


For TZ-160, TZ-400, and TZ-600 models, use this manual (MNL-TZ).
TZ-160, TZ-400, and TZ-600 manuals
For TZ-1826 models, use this manual (MNL-TZ-1826).


TZ-1826 manual

For TSS-27, TSS-70, and TSS-95 models, use this manual (MNL-TSS).

TSS-27, TSS-70, and TSS-95 manual
For an overview of best practices to vent and install a Trapzilla Grease Interceptor, view this guide. This guide covers: the vessel vent, the outlet vent, flow controls and venting, and a few other factors. Always refer to the manual for more installation options and detailed instructions.
Trapzilla grease interceptors have traffic rated drawings which allow for traffic rated installations.   
For TZ-400 and TZ-600 drawings, click here.
For TZ-1826 drawings, click here