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Trapzilla plastic grease trap stops grease clogs



Install quickly

Trapzilla grease interceptor installed overnight in a traffic rated area at a Jason's Deli

Stay in compliance

Trapzilla grease interceptors make it easy for your restaurant to stay in compliance

Focus on your customers

Concrete grease interceptors could require more effort, taking time away from your customers


Solve your grease and solids problems with Trapzilla products

Grease Interceptors

Highest grease storage in a compact space ASME/PDI rated models available! Easily install multiple units to get the perfect storage or flow capacity

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Solids Separator Models

High capacity solids storage Keep solids from overwhelming the grease interceptor Pair with Trapzilla grease interceptors to maximize solids storage

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Sample Ports

Designed for quick, easy grab-sampling Models available for standard plumbing slope or free falling samples Quick, easy sampling on new or existing plumbing lines

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Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli installed Trapzilla in a traffic rated area in the back alley overnight, eliminating the need to close the restaurant

Jason's Deli

Chris Johnson Facilities Manager

“A big thing for us is installation time. The quicker we can get in and out, the better. It’s so much faster to get it up and running with a Trapzilla.”

Potbelly's Sandwich Shop

Potbelly's Sandwiches found an easy grease trap solution with installing a Trapzilla commercial grease interceptor in the floor of their kitchen

Potbelly's Sandwich Shop

Charles Tanner VP of Construction and Facilities

“We are happy to have a product that works great, gets city approval and saves us a ton of time and money!”

Dell Corporate Offices

Dell corporate offices in Ireland installed Trapzilla greasetraps in an existing hole from a previous leaking greasetrap

Dell Corporate Offices

Andrew Murray Installer

Trapzilla Installation at Dell Corporate Offices in Ireland