50 GPM Vented Flow Control Assembly


Sometimes space restrictions require the installation of Big Dipper and Trapzilla units in basement locations where significant head pressure becomes a factor.  The VFCA-50 Vented Flow Control module provides an option for use with installations where significant head pressure is present (greater than 6' [1.95 m]) or where applicable regulations require vented flow controls.  The Vented Flow Control helps reduce problems associated with high head pressure and helps slow the drainwater flow down the pipe, preventing it from exceeding 50 gallons per minute (3.15 l/s).  Includes appropriate PVC fitting and flow stainless steel flow control orifice.

  • Includes PVC fitting (3") and Stainless Steel Control Orifice
  • Designed to prevent flows from exceeding 50 gallons per minute (3.15 l/s)
  • Must be installed as close as possible to level at which kitchen fixtures are located
  • Air Intake (1 1/2") may be independent direct connect to atmosphere or code-approved air addmittance valve
  • Use of VFCA requires removal of MFC Flow Control (small rubber cap) from Inlet of Big Dipper or Low Head Flow Control from Trapzilla
  • Never connect to facility vent
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VFCA Installation Closeup VFCA Installation Closeup pdf 145.6 KB Download
Trapzilla VFCA Guide Details and Installation Instructions for Trapzilla Vented Flow Control Assembly (VFCA). pdf 203.8 KB Download
Big Dipper VFCA Guide Details and Installation Instructions For Big Dipper Vented Flow Control Assembly (VFCA) pdf 269.1 KB Download