Trapzilla Saves the Day for a Historic Town in North Carolina

Arnold Allred
Arnold Allred, Public Works Director, Town of Franklinville, is a recipient of the N.C. Rural Water Association’s Al Deratt Award,
for his dedication to the people of North Carolina and to the protection of rural water.
With more than 37 years of experience in municipal wastewater treatment, Arnold Allred knows about the problems that restaurant oil and grease can cause for wastewater collection systems and treatment plants. 
Allred began his career in wastewater management in 1974, when right out of high school he landed a job “turning valves” with the City of Asheboro’s wastewater plant.  He stayed with the treatment facility for 30 years, working his way to plant superintendent.  After retiring from the City of Asheboro, Allred began serving as Public Works Director for the Town of Franklinville
Arnold Allred OfficeDating to the 1840’s, Franklinville is a historic former textile village, located on the banks of the scenic Deep River in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.  Like many North Carolina mill villages, Franklinville’s mills have long since ceased operation.  In 1995, Franklinville’s last remaining textile company ,Randolph Industries, sold its wastewater treatment facility to the Town of Franklinville.  In 2000, a federal grant provided the funding for a new wastewater treatment plant for Franklinville.
Today, red brick mill buildings serve as scenery for hikers along Franklinville’s Deep River Rail Trail, and former mill houses have been renovated to become cozy private cottages.
The former mill cafeteria, the building now owned by the town, is home to the Franklinville Restaurant. 
“Unfortunately, our town-owned restaurant building lacked a grease trap,” said Allred.
“The grease was sent right down the drain - clogging up the collection system, causing problems with the pumps, and when it got to the (treatment) plant, it caused a lot of problems there.”
Allred needed a solution to the restaurant’s oil and grease problem.
The building’s historic designation -- and the complex system of plumbing that served the building -- made Thermaco’s Trapzilla the perfect solution.
“There are three reasons that I like the Trapzilla,” says Allred.
“One, it was easy to install.  We put it in and had it up and running in one day.
Two, I don’t have to worry about it -- the only maintenance required is that we pump it twice a year. Three, Trapzilla satisfied
 North Carolina’s strict environmental regulations!”
 Trapzilla being Pumped Out                                                                           
Trapzilla TZ-600 being pumped out in Fall 2011
Allred is also impressed by the Trapzilla’s ability to retain a large amount of oil and grease, yet leave only a small footprint.  “I was surprised when we opened it up to see the amount it collected,” Allred said. “The unit is working real well.”
Allred is passionate about his work as Franklinville’s Public Works Director, and prides himself on finding solutions when difficulties arise:
“I like what I’m doing,” he enthuses, “and I appreciate Thermaco’s help in solving our grease problem.”

Owen George
Owen George is a contributing author for Thermaco, Inc. and the founder of Owen George Global Strategies, Inc.