A better grease interceptor: More grease in less space

To understand the new TZ-1826 Trapzilla Grease Interceptor, consider two numbers: 1,826 and 11,000. 

The first is how many pounds of grease the TZ-1826 can hold. The second is how much a 1,000-gallon concrete trap weighs — a concrete trap that would hold a similar amount of grease, but would require heavy machinery to install and take up three times as much space as the TZ-1826.

TZ-1826 Grease Interceptor

How is that possible? That’s what happens when you apply a quarter century of grease interceptor innovation and oil-water separation expertise to a problem that a growing number of commercial food service establishments face: Lots of grease, but not much space for a high-capacity grease trap.

The TZ-1826 holds nearly a ton of fats, oil and grease in a volume of 252 gallons — one-fourth the size of a 1,000-gallon concrete trap with a similar retention capacity. The TZ-1826 also holds almost 70 percent more grease than the leading alternative hydromechanical interceptor.

Efficiency that lasts

Traditional concrete traps need pumping out after only 25 percent of their volume is full or they won’t work well enough to keep fats and oils out of sewer systems. Trapzilla systems are designed to retain a majority of their volume in grease before they must be pumped out.

The TZ-1826 is certified to meet ASME A112.14.3 standard. Even at near capacity, the unit’s separation efficiency exceeds the 99.2 percent efficiency requirement. After 41 hours of testing, with 1,826 pounds of retained grease, the TZ-1826’s accumulated efficiency was still 99.3 percent — even at 100 gallons per minute test conditions.

Compact footprint

Just saying the TZ-1826 is one-fourth the size of a 1,000-gallon interceptor doesn’t quite to do it justice. The new Trapzilla interceptor is 34 inches wide, so it can be moved through commercial doorways for indoor installations. (Try that with a concrete interceptor!)

A stand and a steel frame mean it can be installed in a basement or other indoor location without any excavation at all. For outdoor excavations, special ribbing strengthens the structure and built-in 18-inch extension collars and 22-inch access plates make it easy for pump trucks to access.

Say goodbye to replacement grease interceptors

Concrete interceptors and metal traps, though effective enough, are subject to corrosion from the build-up of acid and moisture inside the interceptors. The TZ-1826 is built to last, and last, and last.

How long will it last? Long enough that Thermaco offers a limited lifetime warranty against structural defects. You won’t find that with a concrete or metal separator, because the materials they’re constructed from simply can’t stand up to the conditions that exist inside every grease interceptor.

What’s it all mean?

The bottom line is that that the TZ-1826 provides a high-capacity grease interceptor solution in a compact footprint that will last for many, many years. 

Visit the TZ-1826 product page for more specifications and information.