Trapzilla sample ports make sampling a breeze, allowing you to easily prove the quality of your kitchen wastewater
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Use your existing plumbing lines

Trapzilla Sample Ports are easy to install

Make it easy to prove compliance

Make it Easy to  Prove Compliance

Avoid fines and installing larger separators

Avoid Fines & Installing  Larger Separators

You shouldn't be penalized for other restaurants' failure to comply

By installing a Trapzilla Sample Port, you can be prepared for sampling to prove the quality of the water you're passing on to the sewer system. You can avoid costs like:
Outdoor grease interceptors that involve less time, cause less problems, and easy to maintain
Fines for sewer blockages
Re-route Plumbing to Add a  Free Falling Sample Well
Re-route plumbing to add a free falling sample well
Installing a Larger  Grease Interceptor
Installing a larger grease interceptor

Trapzilla Sample Ports provide an easy sampling solution for sewer districts that require wastewater testing

All Trapzilla products use a durable, plastic construction designed to prevent corrosion and come with a limited lifetime warranty Extension collar allows access from up to 37" from ground level to inlet Works best with any 4" Trapzilla Grease Interceptor or Solids Separator, but can be used with any type of grease interceptor


Designed for existing plumbing or pipes with a standard slope


Designed for locations where a free-falling sample is required

Be prepared for sampling with the easy solution

Quick Sampling

Trapzilla Grease Interceptors out-perform other alternatives, graph

Quick Sampling

Trapzilla Sample Ports make grab sampling and composite sampling a breeze thanks to the patented flume which gathers water and allows a moving sample even with a standard pipe slope.

Durable Construction

Trapzilla commercial grease interceptors come with a lifetime warranty and won't corrode like a concrete grease interceptor would

Durable Construction

As with its other products, Trapzilla makes its Sample Ports out of durable plastic which won't break down or fall apart the way steel and concrete will. Whether you need to sample tomorrow or ten years from now, your sample port will be in working condition.

Lifetime Support

Get your greasetrap questions answered with our live US-based support

Lifetime Support

Trapzilla provides lifetime support for its products via phone, email, or chat including a limited lifetime warranty for its products.

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We know that you want to create memorable dining experiences for your customers. In order to do that, you need your restaurant to be built and run with minimal disruptions. The problem is traditional grease and solids separators are large, inefficient, and don't last very long which leaves you dealing with the constant frustration of making room or time for replacements and problems. We believe getting your ideal restaurant up and running shouldn't be this difficult. We understand you didn't open a restaurant to become an expert in grease and solids. That's why we developed Trapzilla, a powerful line of plastic alternatives that make it easier to build your restaurant the way you want it and not worry about a grease trap. Here’s how we do it: 1. Choose the right model for your project 2. Drop-ship directly to your location 3. Install within a few hours 4. Get back to focusing on your customers So, get started and call Trapzilla today. In the meantime, Download Your Free Guide, How to Choose a Grease Interceptor below. Stop wasting time with poorly designed separators and get to running a successful business.