Carbon Vent Filter


Installation Instructions: Simply fit the narrow end of the Carbon Vent Filter into any 2-in. no-hub coupling or venting pipe opening where odor is a concern. Coupling sizes needed:

  • 1”-2” for 1” vent 
  • 2”-2” for 2” vent
  • 3”-2” for 3” vent 
  • 4”-2” for 4” vent

Replace with new Carbon Vent Pellets every 3 months for best results.

Carbon Vent Pellets are currently sold in packs of 4.


Some grease trap manufacturers recommend installing a vessel vent to be vented to atmosphere. This vent is often skipped for ease of installation, allowing odors to escape the grease trap and invade the kitchen. The Big Dipper Carbon Vent Filter is the only filter of its kind in the industry, trapping odors while allowing the outflow of fresh air from these vents.


Big Dipper Carbon Vent Filters fit snuggly into any 2-in. no-hub coupling or adapter. Each filter contains 9 oz. of activated carbon pellets, the same material proven in other odor-prevention applications, including filtering residential HVAC systems.


Carbon is “activated” when injected with hot air or steam, creating pores that trap odor molecules. Activated carbon has more surface area to trap odor molecules than regular carbon. Big Dipper Carbon Vent Filter containers are durable and reusable, and the carbon pellets are biodegradable. Each filter comes with one 9-oz. packet of replacement pellets.


Additional Carbon Vent Pellets currently are sold in packs of 4

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