(Discontinued) TZ-1826-ECA Grease Interceptor



The TZ-1826-ECA In-Ground Trapzilla Grease Interceptor is ASME/PDI rated for 100 GPM (6.31 l/s) and holds more than 1,826 pounds (248 Gallons) of grease in a 274-Gallon footprint.  Unlike traditional interceptor designs, the TZ-1826-ECA is capable of holding more than 90% of its internal volume in grease and solids before it begins to lose efficiency. Perfect for replacing failing steel or concrete, the TZ-1826-ECA is manufactured out of durable polyethylene, meaning that it will outlast traditional interceptors made of inferior materials.  The in-ground model comes with an 18" long single-piece extension collar and 22" Solid Top Cover that can be removed easily to clean out retained grease.

Traffic rated installation drawings can be found here

Previously listed as TZ-1826

99% Efficiency - Miami-Dade DERM Approved

The TZ-1826 ASME test report can be found under the Product Attachment tab below the product image.

ASME A112.14.3/PDI-G 101 Flow Rate: 100 GPM (6.31 l/s)

Grease Retention Capacity: 1,826 Pounds (828 Kg) / 248 Gallons (1,037 L)

Material: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene

Product Weight: 250 Pounds (114 Kg)

Thermaco Trapzilla Model No. TZ-1826-ECA, linear low-density rotationally molded polyethylene grease and oil separator(s) for below or above-ground installation, shall be PDI-G 101 and ASME A112.14.3-rated at 100 GPM (6.31 l/s), 1826 pounds (828 Kg) of grease storage capacity with a flat grease separation efficiency curve, crush-resistant cylindrical walls, two fully removable covers for grease and solids removal, integral non- floatation anchor ring for in-ground installation, integral horizontal baffle, laminar inlet flow diverter, integral vessel vent, separate storage compartments for grease and solids, and including as an integral part of the unit an integral gas trap and a fully removable polyethylene self-positioning keyed cover equipped with sealed thread fasteners. Includes dual-entry extension collar assembly, linear low-density rotationally molded polyethylene for field adjustability to optimal installation depth. 

Previously listed as TZ-1826


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TZ-1826-ECA Traffic Rated Installation Drawings TZ-1826-ECA Traffic Rated Installation Drawings pdf 278.5 KB Download
Two-page Sales Flyer for TZ-1826 Two-page Sales Flyer for TZ-1826 pdf 881.5 KB Download
TZ-1826 ASME Test Report pdf 478.2 KB Download
Trapzilla TZ-1826-ECA Specification Sheet pdf 464.3 KB Download
TZ-1826-ECA Miami DERM Packet pdf 6.5 MB Download
TZ-1826-SSA Miami DERM Packet pdf 8.2 MB Download
TZ-1826 Manual Installation and operations manual for the Trapzilla TZ-1826 hydromechanical grease interceptor pdf 4.3 MB Download

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